Mobile Now Drives 25% of All Online Transactions

In the fourth quarter of 2014, 25.8 percent of global online transactions took place on a mobile device, according to Adyen. That is the first time mobile payments have accounted for more than a quarter of global online payments since Adyen began tracking mobile payments  in June 2013.

Mobile transactions grew 11 percent sequentially and 37 percent year over year.

“For many companies, mobile is now the primary sales channel, rather than simply a key sales channel,” said Roelant Prins, Adven chief commercial officer.

The iPad generated 34 percent of mobile transactions, the iPhone 32 percent, while Android phones contributed 25 percent.

If the current trends persist, Android may surpass the iPhone and iPad in the latter half of 2015 while the iPad also loses its lead over the iPhone, if perhaps not in 2015.
Smartphones represented 58 percent of mobile transactions in the quarter.

Smartphone transactions accounted for about 20 percent of all online transaction for digital goods (including games, services like club memberships, hotel reservations, and tickets).

In the case of retail goods (clothing, furniture, appliances, groceries), smartphones accounted for less than 10 percent of retail purchases.
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