What Big Revenue Source Will a Technology Firm Discover Next?

In the past, technology firms were known either for making computers and devices or software widely used by computers. That still is largely true. But what is dramatically different are the new revenue models.

Alphabet (Google) and Facebook make nearly all their revenues from advertising. Amazon makes most of its revenue from retailing. Uber’s revenue comes from ride sharing. That explains the adage that “every company is a tech company” these days. That goes too far, but you get the point.

For a number of very-large firms, technology drives a revenue model based on sales of some product other than computing devices or computing software, and on a scale much more significant than that the enterprise uses computers, software, mobile phones and other devices.

That is why Airbnb, Hubspot, Expedia, Zillow, LinkedIn also are tech companies, whatever the revenue model.

source: Business Insider
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