What Will Drive Future Telco Revenue?

Internet access is the anchor service for both fixed and mobile service providers, if only because those two services generate the bulk of service provider revenue in many markets, and because video depends on high-capacity internet access.

AT&T’s first quarter 2017 financial results hint at the contribution made by video services, which drove 32 percent of total revenues. For Comcast, the cable communications business that corresponds to AT&T’s business had 45 percent of revenue driven by video, while 27 percent was driven by internet access.

It remains to be seen whether internet access revenue contribution will be greater than content revenues, in most markets, eventually. It is virtually certain that voice, no matter how important, is destined to shrink, as a revenue driver.

What is happening is that all legacy services are mature, or maturing. That suggests, eventually, that some new revenue contributor will emerge.


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