Monday, August 27, 2007

Sametime, Not Same Thing

Watching Lotus Notes morph into something beyond email has been interesting. Rescued from irrelevance when IBM changed Notes into an open platform, Sametime now talks to Ajax, making Notes features compatible with all sorts of Web services and legacy telecom platforms as well (with the Siemens OpenScape deal).

That sets up an unexpected new round of combat in the collaboration space that Lotus lost to Microsoft Outlook some years ago. Only this time, the battle is centered around instant messaging, rather than email. Email is a key feature, to be sure. But IM is key, in part because presence features are getting to be so important.

So do companies in technology sometimes get a second chance? It would appear so. Look at Apple and Sametime.

1 comment:

Carl Tyler said...

Huh?? "Sametime now talks to Ajax" what are you talking about?

Sametime doesn't have any Ajax interfaces. It has STLinks which is a HTML/Java applet mix. And it has Various toolkits, but nothing specific to do with Ajax?

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