FreedomPop Launches Wireless Fixed Service

freedom-hub-burst-01-300FreedomPop, which already has launched its mobile broadband service, now is launching a "fixed" service offering 1 Gbytes of free data in nearly all of the the 80 largest urban markets across the United States. 

Orders for the new modems will be filled in January 2013, it appears. 

The services requires a refundable $89 deposit that covers the cost of the modem. 

FreedomPop is trying to disrupt U.S. broadband pricing, and in addition to the free allotment of 1 Gbyte, compared to the free 500 Mbytes offered with the mobile version of the plan. 

If early reports are correct, the fixed service will offer perhaps shocking prices of 10 Gbytes for $10 a month. Users who are comfortable with speeds that some will compared to lower-speed digital subscriber line, and who do not watch lots of video, might find that a very-attractive offer.

The mobile service features higher tariffs, as typically is the case for mobile broadband. A 2-Gbyte plan would cost $17.99 per month. After that, each additional 1MB costs just $0.01 (which works out to $10 per 1GB). 

That works out to about $28.99 per month for 4GB of data, $34.99 for 5GB and $59.99 for 10GB, all with the same $0.01 charge for each additional megabyte you go over your plan. Most users will consider that a mild overage charge, indeed. 


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Not a refundable deposit,

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