Thursday, December 6, 2012

People Spending Twice As Much Time with Apps as Web

Flurry US Web vs App TV Consumption resized 600
Between December 2011 and December 2012, the average time spent inside mobile apps by a U.S. consumer grew 35 percent, from 94 minutes to 127 minutes, according to Flurry

By comparison, the average time spent on the web declined 2.4%, from 72 minutes to 70 minutes.  By our measurement, U.S. consumers are spending 1.8 times more time in apps than on the web.  

The study does not indicate that people are substituting interaction with mobile apps as a substitute for either web browsing or watching TV, since engagement with thoses activities seem to be stable. 

But end user time is finite. When users spend more time with mobile apps, while reported time watching TV and using the Web remain level, that time must either come from some other pursuit, or users are multitasking, most likely using more apps while doing something else. 

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