Millennials are Gadget Nuts

The November 2012  Scarborough Research study that surveyed 210,000 US consumers ages 18 to 29, illustrates what gadget nuts they are.  High-definition televisions had the highest rate of ownership among this group at 73 percent, followed by smartphones at 61 percent. 

And while only 17 percent of Millennials owned a tablet, it topped the list of gadgets that they planned to buy in the next year, at 11 percent.

These digital natives have taken to the hyper-connected world of social media with enthusiasm, says eMarketer

Beyond simply logging on to view their feed, six in 10 respondents had visited a friend’s page or profile during the previous 30 days, while 52% had commented on a friend’s post and 49% had updated a status. Those participation levels easily outpaced email and messaging activities, performed by 48% of respondents.

A March to April 2012 survey from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that those ages 18 to 29 were more likely than any other age group to engage in real-time mobile activities ranging from coordinating social gatherings to reviewing a business or restaurant.


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