UK Companies Not "Mobile First"

Two thirds of companies in the FTSE 100 have websites that are difficult to use on smartphones, a study conducted for the Financial Times shows. 

Whether that is a big problem or not is a matter of opinion. If such reliance on PC-formatted websites were really hitting sales, the firms would already have moved.

Granted, that will change. Google predicts more than half of all web searches will be carried out via mobiles within three years, compared with about a quarter now. One suspects most enterprises will have moved by then. 

But "search" is not the only expected change. Simply creating "mobile" websites probably will not be sufficient. Many enterprises also will need to integrate e-commerce or mobile commerce capabilities at the same time. 

Worldwide 32 percent of smart phone users spend $1 to $20 per month on m-commerce, followed by 12 percent who spend $21 to $40 per month on m-commerce. 
M-commerce revenue was expected to hit $11.6 billion in 2012, up by 73.15 percent compare to 2011, according to dazeinfo
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