Google Wallet is Failing

Google Wallet, it is probably fair to say, has failed to get traction. The Starbucks app, in contrast, or PayPal's payment platform, continue to stand out as successful mobile payment platforms.

Starbucks has about 10 million users of its mobile payment app. 

In fact, some would say Starbucks dominates mobile payments. 

PayPal expects to process $20 billion worth of transaction value in 2013. 

The fact that some big initiatives, sponsored by big companies, do not get traction is to be expected. We remain at a very-early stage of the evolving mobile payments business. 

In all cases, the solution has to solve a significant problem, in a way that provides more value to users. In the U.S. market, that is a challenge, as few consumers probably would claim the "payment process is broken." 

In the absence of a clearly broken process, any new way of doing things has to create and deliver high amounts of new value, to overcome adoption hurdles. 

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