"Interconnected Era" Arrives, says Equinix

Direct connections between private Internet Protocol domains lead to six nines levels of availability, with 15 percent fewer network incidents and outages, according to studies produced for Equinix.

Increased direct interconnection of domains contributed to a 42 percent average reduction in latency and 40 percent reduction in bandwidth costs, Equinix says.

“We are now in the interconnected era,” Equinix says. “This period is dominated by the need for a level of interconnection that delivers instant collaboration between and within dense industry ecosystems consisting of partners, employees, customers and data sources.”

The number of interconnected enterprises is set to more than double from 38 percent to 84 percent globally by 2017, Equinix argues.

There are a couple of reasons for that growth Some 75 percent of enterprise employees reside in locations other than the corporate headquarters, while 82 percent of enterprises report a multi-cloud strategy. Hence the need to create connections with very low latency, enabled by domain-to-domain direct connections.
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