"More of Everything" for Backhaul

It certainly is possible to predict that fixed wireless (including TV white spaces) will be a bigger part of the backhaul and Internet access market over the next decade, in Asia and elsewhere. But it also is possible to predict that existing platforms will grow, even as new platforms reach commercial deployment.

But new platforms are going to represent a bigger share of backhaul globally, as well.

New high-throughput satellites are part of the reason. So are new constellations of satellites in medium-earth or low-earth orbits, plus other platforms based on use of unmanned aerial vehicles or balloons.

Over about a decade, traditional bandwidth supplied by fixed satellite services will increase about 70 percent, according to Northern Sky Research.

On the other hand, bandwidth supplied by high-throughput satellites and medium earth orbit constellations will grow 2,000 percent, NSR has argued.

One might well argue, though, that much of the new capacity will consist of backhaul to mobile cell towers.

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