O3b Says it is the Fastest-Growing Satellite Constellation Ever

O3b Networks says it has become the fastest growing in satellite history, selling more capacity in the inaugural year of operation than any other satellite operator with global operations.

O3b also says it has sold capacity equivalent to nearly 10 percent of the contracted capacity of the three largest Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) operators combined.

O3b says it now is providing transport to 40 customers in 31 countries, supporting  mobile operators to expand 3G and 4G/LTE services to rural populations; ISPs to provide true broadband on isolated island chains; cruise lines to bring guests and crew high-speed broadband and mobile connections; oil and gas companies to reduce costs and improve crew welfare and governments.

The O3b Networks Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite constellation greatly reduces latency and helps the constellation provide extremely high throughput.

Other contestants likewise are lining up to supply services using even lower orbits, despite some skepticism from providers of geosynchronous service, as one would expect, since MEO and LEO constellations pose new competition (and some would say better user experience).
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