Most Incremental Revenue Opportunities are Enterprise Focused, Not Direct Consumer Services

With one notable exception, a panel of global service provider executives surveyed by E&Y expects enterprise services--not consumer services--to drive future revenue growth.

That notable exception is video entertainment services, expected by 54 percent of respondents to be the service with best opportunities for incremental revenue growth. Among the more-promising fields identified by the executives, 51 percent saw enterprise cloud opportunities as most promising.

Also notably missing from the list of expected revenue contributors are Internet of Things apps. In large part, that might speak to a structural fact of life, namely that most IoT apps driving significant revenue might require sponsorship and involvement by third party app providers. Also, even most large service providers will not have the scale to drive significant success.

There was much less consensus about many of the other services deemed drivers of future revenue growth. And though some of the services could be marketed directly to consumers, most of the opportunities seem logically to involve an enterprise partner.


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