Tuesday, May 29, 2018

App Providers Dominate Global "Brand Value" Rankings

With the caveat that evaluating the value of a brand hinges on valuation assumptions and methodology, as well as one’s estimation of the value of brands in a market where consumers arguably are less reliant on brands to drive purchasing decisions, the latest BrandZ study illustrates the strength of tier-one app provider brands and growth, while also highlighting the challenges facing telecom service providers as both industries arguably are becoming parts of one broader category.

The biggest takeaway is that although one telecom service provider appears in the top ten of “most valuable” global brands, the top six spots are all app providers. Significantly, app provider brand value is growing at rates from 23 percent to 92 percent, while AT&T, the lone telecom service provider to make the top ten, shrank seven percent over the last year.

Though Orange lead the telecom group with a 14-percent annual change in brand value, while NTT added 10 points, others suffered declines. Comcast Xfinity, Deutsche Telekom and Movistar brands actually gained a percent to four percent, all other telecom service providers on the list actually saw negative brand value change over the last year.

So while the technology segment grew value 23 percent last year, the telecom service provider segment grew only about two percent.

Assuming the researchers still are measuring what matters, the latest BrandZ report suggests that value in the internet ecosystem is shifting from access to applications, platforms and devices.

It is fair to say that change is happening, as well. While most marketers would likely argue that brand reputation does matter, recent studies suggest that perhaps half of Millennials, the most-important buying cohort, have no use for brands.

Others might argue that Millennials still have brand preferences, but that their criteria are different.   

Amazon is the most valuable retailer brand on the planet, according to BrandZ.  

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