Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Majority of Homes with Fixed Network Internet Access Also Buy Streaming Services and Linear TV

About half of all U.S. households that buy fixed network internet access also buy linear video service and at least one streaming service as well, say researchers at Parks Associates.

About 11 percent of homes buying broadband use antennas for over-the-air broadcast TV.

LInear video subscriptions fell from 87 percent  to 77 percent between 2012 and 2017, Parks Associates says.

If you want to know why firms such as Comcast now bundle Netflix access as one more channel option, the reason is that this reduces churn. According to Parks Associates, 33 percent of cord cutters would have stayed with their linear service provider if offered a Netflix-style service bundled with broadcast TV channels.

Some will question the long-term value, as smart TVs able to directly receive Netflix and other streaming services become the standard TV device in homes. It might be marginally easier to open Netflix when it is offered as just one more channel in the TV lineup.

Still, how much extra effort is it to pull up Netflix or any other supported streaming service directly from the smart TV?
source: Parks Associates

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