Friday, May 25, 2018

Call Center Experience the Weakest Part of Service Provider Performance

Unhappiness with call center interactions seems to be the key reason for low customer satisfaction scores with linear video subscription services (no direct question about price or value-price relationship is asked).

And though fixed-line voice service ranks higher, the same pattern of unhappiness with call center experience occurs there. Call center experience also is the lowest-ranked feature of mobile satisfaction tracked by ACSI.

I cannot remember a time in three decades when cable TV services got high satisfaction ratings. Nor, since the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) began tracking internet service providers, do I recall ever seeing high satisfaction ratings for internet access service, either.

In fact,  “subscription television and internet service providers rank last among all industries tracked by the ACSI,” a placement that has been consistent for several years.

It appears much of the problem lies with customer interaction and customer support, especially the use of call centers.

Mobile phone services, on the other hand, score much higher, though not as high as the devices themselves. Fixed network phone service, perhaps paradoxically, not scores higher satisfaction than subscription TV or ISP service. The likely explanation there is that all the unhappy customers have left.

The 2018 annual ACSI report on such services only confirms the trend.

Customer satisfaction with subscription television service fell 3.1 percent to an ACSI score of 62, an 11-year low, ACSI says.

New indices for video on demand and video streaming initially show higher scores, with video streaming services on par with mobile phones.  

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