Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NetZero Shuts Down VoIP Service

NetZero Voice, the VoIP-over dial-up service sold by NetZero, is being shut down by Dec. 15. Customers who want to migrate to the Packet8 service can do so for $19.95 a month.

Since 2005, NetZero had gotten only had about 12,000 subscribers, it appears. Former NetZero customers might be a mixed blessing for 8x8, though, which now focuses on VoIP services for small businesses. One has to believe most of the NetZero customers are consumers with a high value orientation, possibly similar in profile to the high-churning value customers EarthLink has to contend with.

So not only are the potential new customers outside the desired customer segment 8x8 is chasing, they probably are high churn customers as well. Time will tell.

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