Fon Launches New Router to Help Build U.S. Fon Network

A new router available from Fon, the global Wi-Fi network, is designed to increase Fon’s U.S. Wi-Fi network.

Because Wi-Fi passcodes are not always handy and often not memorable, the new router allows users who are Facebook friends of the owner to connect without a password.

It also has the benefit of separating the hotspot owner’s traffic and that of friends by segregating traffic using different Wi-Fi channels.

The new Fonera router also can be used to extend an existing Wi-Fi router's signal. The Fonera router can be set up as a Wi-Fi bridge.

"When we defined the new Fonera, we were specifically thinking of the Wi-Fi needs of U.S. households,” said Martin Varsavsky, founder and CEO of Fon.

The new Fonera router will be available in the Fon Store and on Amazon for $59 in the United States and euros 39 in Europe starting in November 2013.

The U.S. effort will be aided by a deal signed between AT&T and Fon allowing Fon users to access AT&T hotspots in the United States.
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