Google Photos, Hangouts Enhanced

Google Hangouts and Photos have been enhanced. Google Photos already has been automatically backing up photos taken on Android phones and syncing to Google Drive. 

New are full size backups and background sync for Google+ on Apple iOS. 

Google Photo now also recognizes and groups objects--over a thousand different objects at the moment--ranging from sunsets to snowmen, grouping them in user libraries.

Auto Enhance improves each photo added to Google , and users can dial the enhancements up or down. If users already processing your images elsewhere, they can choose to exempt an album entirely.

Google also has added editing apps. For editing on the go, use Snapseed and its new HDR (high dynamic range) Scape filter. 

More sophisticated editing can be done using Analog Efex Pro, part of the Nik Collection ($149). 

Hangouts for Android now supports location sharing and SMS. Users can send a map of their current location, send and receive text messages.

Broadcasters can now schedule Hangouts On Air, then promote them with a dedicated watch page. Once live, Control Room lets users moderate the conversation with eject and remote mute.

In both cases, the video calling experience is significantly improved, Google says.  It's now full screen across mobile and desktop, and it fixes and enhances webcam lighting automatically.

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