How Much Difference Will LTE Make in U.K. Market?

U.K. consumers increasingly are using mobile devices to connect to the Internet, but as is the case elsewhere, increasingly they also are using Wi-Fi to do so. In fact, some studies suggest as much as 80 percent of U.K. Internet access using a mobile handset uses a Wi-Fi connection for access.

That could have important implications for fourth generation network Long Term Evolution demand. If 80 percent of Internet access is at home, on a Wi-Fi network, what is the value of out of home 4G access?

Even if 4G access provides a better experience than 3G, what is the value of better experience 20 percent of the time, especially if the out of home use is mostly for applications that do not necessarily require or benefit much from the faster speed?

According to the Oxford Internet Institute, 57 percent of web users in Great Britain will access the Internet using a mobile device in 2013.

Some observers including eMarketer, think the increased availability of 4G access will change consumer behavior. Others might be so sure.

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