Sprint Makes Progress in 3Q 2013

Sprint hasn't yet turned the corner on subscriber growth, largely, one might argue, because of lingering losses from its former Nextel business, but Sprint has managed to keep growing revenue, in its key postpaid "Sprint" business, for 13 or so quarters. 

In fact, a rational person might conclude that Nextel was the problem all along, as the Sprint side of the business has not fared badly. 

In most recent quarters, Sprint has added net customers even as Nextel has bled them.

The biggest single hit came in July 2013, when Sprint shut down the entire Nextel network, losing about 1.3 million customers. Still, going forward, Sprint without the drag of Nextel should surprise to the upside in the subscriber growth area. 

Granted, Sprint still is losing customers overall, and still lost money in the third quarter of 2013. But it is making progress, and has yet to unveil precisely what it plans to do with the now-consolidated Clearwire spectrum and SoftBank assets. 

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