Netflix on Comcast X1 Platform "Not a High Priority," Comcast Says

Comcast EVP Neil Smit says getting Netflix onboard its X1 platform, making Netflix an app on the set top box, "is not a high priority" for Comcast.

"Our customers can receive Netflix in a number of ways, so it’s not really a high priority for us," said Smit. "We’re open to putting apps on our X1 platform. We have, for example, Facebook and Pandora there now."

But at this point, Netflix does not seem likely to get such treatment from Comcast. Some might speculate that Comcast has designs for a streaming video service of its own, at some point, so that might explain some of the apparent reticience. 

Nor does Comcast want to use the Netflix content delivery network, either, said to be a condition for Netflix doing such deals. 
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