Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Google Adds Dashboard for Mobile Location History

Google has a new beta dashboard for its "Location History" function, which might be useful for people who want to know how they actually behave, rather than how they think they behave, at least from a location perspective. The dashboard, which is private and viewable only by the user, will highlight
location trends.

You might want some detail on trips taken, places visited, or time spent in the house compared to outside it, for example.

The dashboard can be used to review how much time time you have spent at an office location over the last month or year, and whether your patterns are changing, for example.

If you want to know where you stopped on a recent trip, the dashboard can be used to find the answer.

To try out the new dashboard, enable Google Latitude in the background on your phone, turn on Google Location History, and wait a few days (up to a week) to build up enough history for the dashboard to begin showing information.

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