Friday, May 21, 2010

Verizon To Add "Own" Operating System, Devices

A few mobile services providers are taking clear steps to insert themselves a bit more forcefully into the handset operating system and device business, as Verizon Wireless, Orange and Korea's SKT introducing LiMO-based handsets in 2010. .

For Verizon, LiMo is expected to help create sales volume for high-end mobile Web devices with a Verizon brand. As with the moves by carriers to create a carrier-centric applications community, the move represents an effort to gain more clout in the important device and application space where other partners now dominate.

The LiMO smartphone software platform, unlike the vendor controlled Android, Symbian and Windows, is largely driven by carriers. Therefore, it fits neatly with other operator initiatives to swing the balance of power in mobile services their own way, notably the new Wholesale Applications Community (WAC).

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