U.S. Mobile Service Provider Market Share Shifts after AT&T, T-Mobile US Acquisitions

The recent spate of mobile service provider acquisitions, in particular on the part of AT&T and T-Mobile US, have rearranged U.S. service provider market share, as measured by subscriber accounts.

Until the acquisition by T-Mobile US of MetroPCS, and AT&T’s purchase of Leap Wireless, Verizon held the lead in share of customer accounts.

Virtually all observers would have in 2012 agreed that Verizon Wireless had the largest number of U.S. mobile subscribers, with AT&T following. Sprint, by most estimates based on company reporting also had significantly more share than T-Mobile US.

But after the acquisitions, market share has shifted, with AT&T leading Verizon, and Sprint still ahead of T-Mobile US, but by a smaller margin.

Many compilations of market share from 2012 had Verizon leading with about 34 percent share, followed by AT&T with about 32 percent, then Sprint with about 17 percent and T-Mobile US with 10 percent share. After a spate of acquisitions, the shares are rearranged.

AT&T now seems to have passed Verizon, and T-Mobile US has gained market share.

2013 mobile service provider market share

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