Above-Average Economic Growth in "Developing" Regions Will Drive Communications Growth as Well

Generally speaking, consumption of communications products and services tracks gross domestic product. So it makes a great deal of difference, to people and service and product or app suppliers when GDP grows, especially in emerging for developing economies. 

Whatever concern might exist in equity or bond markets related to frontier, emerging or developing markets, growth seems to be in the offing for the next two years. After that, predictions are for steady growth at about a 3.5 percent annual rate. 


According to the Internatiional Monetary Fund, overall global growth might see roughly similar growth rates.


Euopean nations might grow about at slower rates through 2017. 

U.S. GDP growth forecasts (albeit adjusted for inflation) are constrained at less than two percent annual rates. Non-adjusted rates are about two percent annually.

To the extent that more-robust growth is beneficial for communications service providers, the generally sluggish growth rates will mean tougher growth prospects.

Above-average growth rates will register throughout the "less developed" regions of the world. 

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