Telenor Users to Get Free Wikipedia Access in Myanmar

Myanmar is the latest country where mobile phone users will be able to get mobile access to Wikipedia free of charge (without paying data plan charges), provided by Telenor Group.

Telenor and Oredoo recently won licenses and spectrum to create two new mobile networks in Myanmar.

The partnership between Telenor and the Wikimedia Foundation was established in February 2012 and was founded on a shared commitment to bring Wikipedia to Telenor customers free of data charges.

The initiative is part of the Wikimedia Foundation’s mobile strategy, which focuses on reaching the billions of people around the world whose primary opportunity to access the Internet is by means of a mobile device.

Following the agreement, special versions of Wikipedia for mobile phones were launched in Thailand, Malaysia and Montenegro. In addition, Telenor aims to launch Wikipedia Zero in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Serbia in 2014.

The initiative is similar to Google Free Zone, which makes mobile search available to any mobile phone equipped for Internet access, without requiring a data plan.
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