T-Mobile US to Sell $2 Billion in New Shares to Buy Spectrum

T-Mobile US hopes to sellas many as 72.8 million shares shares of common stock, expected to raise about $2 billion, which T Mobile US then wants to use to acquire additional spectrum.

Sprint has just over 200 MHz of spectrum across the United States. Verizon Wireless has about 128 MHz, AT&T has about 107 MHz and T-Mobile US has about 76 MHz, depending on how one counts.

Not the maximum amount of spectrum owned by each carrier actually is available in every market, for example. That means the actual amount of capacity in a major market can vary. 

Table 2: Population-Weighted Average Spectrum Holdings of National U.S. Mobile Operators, MHz
LicenseeAverage Spectrum Holdings, MHz
Verizon Wireless107.3
AT&T Mobility128.3
Sprint Nextel53
T-Mobile57 (66.2)
Sprint/SoftBank with Clearwire184.5
Sprint/Dish with Clearwire224.5

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