Google South Africa TV White Spaces Trial Ends, No Interference Encountered

As you probably would expect for a high-profile TV white spaces trial with regulatory implications, the Google-sponsored trial of white spaces technology in Cape Town, South Africa has ended in success, connecting 10 schools using TV white spaces without interference, a key issue for TV white spaces systems that must dynamically select which frequencies to use in a particular area.

The trial partners included Google, the Wireless Access Providers' Association, a non-profit industry representative for more than 170 independent wireless operators in South Africa, CSIR Meraka, TENET, e-Schools Network and Carlson Wireless.

The trial was intended to demonstrate the value of TV white spaces technology, helping to persuade regulators that TV white spaces can be licensed for use in South Africa.

Microsoft also is running TV white spaces trials in Africa as well, in Kenya and South Africa.
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