Larger, Curved, More Sensitive Screens for iPhone?

It isn’t necessarily clear whether bigger screens, more sensitive screens or curved screens might emerge as the important innovation for the next generation of Apple iPhones. But it is probably worth noting that Samsung, arguably Apple’s biggest competitor, “leads” Apple in all three of those dimensions, including screen size,m curved screens and sensitivity to pressure applied to the screen.

The Galaxy Note series of phones, which first came out in late 2011, have large screens that are sensitive to different levels of pressure from the stylus. Samsung also is going to produce devices with curved screens as well.

Though some thought the large Galaxy Note screens would not be embraced by consumers, the Norte is one of Samsung’s most successful models.

None of that necessarily settles the issue of whether Apple has lost at least a bit of its innovative edge. But some might be uncomfortable that Apple now is, in some ways, “following” Samsung.
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