Thursday, May 31, 2012

Marketers Think Tablets Will Change How Content is Presented

Red LipstickA survey of 212 global marketers showed that popular belief holds that there will be some big changes in all aspects of content over the next 12 months, from design, to copy, right though to delivery.

Of those interviewed, 45 percent think tablet consumption will have a very high impact on design of content, while 35 percent think it will have high impact, the IDG Connect survey finds. 

Experiences that were once almost exclusively the preserve of the consumer space are suddenly applicable to the business landscape.  Now everything has the potential to become three dimensional.
This trend is already impacting the world of fiction publishing. Take Papercut for example; available through the App Store, this is being billed as an “enhanced reading experience” for iPad and includes three short stories interwoven with animation, interactivity and sound. As readers proceed through the text additional text appears without the need for page turning

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