Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Does Your Business Look Like in a Cloud-Based Business Apps Environment?

What would your business look like if most important and frequently-used business applications were a one-click app on a PC, tablet or smartphone?

What if key technology assumptions most businesses have to make boil down to convenient access to reasonably-fast broadband, and devices with Web browsing capability?

What if most businesses didn’t have to supply much more than broadband and Web-browsing devices to immediately download and use key business apps? There could be lots of implications for service providers, app providers, information technology providers and telcos and cable companies if all that happens.

What becomes of much of today’s premises network business? What happens to distributors of business software? How many more sales personnel in a range of industries might find they now can sell such products because installation, configuration and support now are a “mobile app” process?

What new channels could develop? Which channels will be disrupted?

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