Enterprises, Service Providers Do Not See Eye to Eye on Enterprise Priorities

Service providers do not always meet enterprise expectations for security, cloud or mobility services, a study commissioned by Tata Communications found.

Enterprises consider service providers best equipped to increasing their network capacity or reach (73 percent), or delivering hybrid networking (66 percent) services, while around half (48 percent) of enterprises feel that their network service provider is best suited to address their cloud needs.

That makes sense. Connectivity is what communications carriers always have done. Cloud is not only something new, directly supporting computing functions--something telcos never have supplied on a major retail basis--but also a function that megascale suppliers (Amazon Web Services and others) do more efficiently and effectively.

Service providers logically believe (76 percent) supporting employee mobility is key for enterprise UCC strategy. Only 26 percent of enterprises rank this as a top priority.

Some 27 percent of enterprises say lack of employee readiness as a barrier for UCC adoption, a view not shared widely by service providers.
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