MPLS Approaching Maturity?

It is not yet clear whether developing software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) will represent the next generation data network, displacing MPLS, but that is a logical argument for enterprise branch network connections.

Global enterprise spending on WAN business services represents about $40 billion in annual spending.

Included in that bucket are MPLS virtual private networks (VPNs), virtual LANs, Ethernet connections, digital subscriber line, cable TV and LTE connections as well. The arguments for using SD WANs, in place of MPLS, is that recurring costs are lower, while provisioning intervals potentially are much better.

To be sure, MPLS prices are dropping about five percent to 10 percent per year, but so are internet access costs, with faster declines expected as 5G comes online.

In the separate content delivery networks business, SD WANs might also have a role, allowing private network (MPLS) performance over public internet connections.

The next generation CDN should move beyond caching and include client self-management and quality of experience capabilities, especially playing a role for mobile CDN applications, some argue.

source: Ovum
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