Wednesday, October 17, 2012

76% of U.K. Enterprises Will Adopt Mobile Apps

About 76 percent of polled U.K. information technology managers plan to adopt mobile apps for business within the next year, according to  Integralis, which surveyed 300 U.K. IT decision makers in enterprises.

About 58 percent say they will adopt apps such as email, calendars and contact management tools in the next twelve months. 

Communication apps, such as Webex Skype and iCloud are likely to be adopted by 44 percent of respondents. Some 39 percent  of respondents planning to offer access to Internal apps for functions such as updating leave calendars. 

Collaboration tools such as Dropbox and Sharepoint will be deployed by about 35 percent of surveyed executives.

In the coming 12 months, 30 percent of respondents also expect to purchase core mobile business applications. 

The 25 to 44 age group is much keener than respondents 45 years and older to embrace use of mobile apps. 

Those trends are partly a reflection of growing use of smart phones, growing availability of cloud-hosted and delivered applications and also growing use of personal devices at work. Over time, those changes will affect the fortunes of current and new distributors of business apps and services.

When smart phones are the lead device, when apps can be accessed from any computing device with an Internet connection and when the purchase and installation of such software is about as simple as clicking on an icon, the business of distributing apps will change. 

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