Monday, October 29, 2012

Games Lead App Usage on Both Smart Phones and Tablets

General patterns of smart phone use, across a typical day, resemble the usage pattern for tablets, according to Flurry, with one salient exception: tablets are used less than smart phones during the workday, and more than smart phones during the evening hours, Flurry says.

At a high level, consumers spend more time using tablets for media and entertainment, including games (67 percent), entertainment (nine percent) and news (two percent) categories which account for nearly 80 percent of consumption on tablets.  

Smart phones claim a higher proportion of communication and task-oriented activities such as social networking (24 percent), utilities (17 percent), health and fitness (three percent) and lifestyle (three percent), representing nearly half of all usage on smart phones.  

Games are the most popular category on both form factors with 67 percent of time spent using games on tablets and 39 percent of time spent using games on smart phones.  

Consumers also spend 71 percent more of their time using games on tablets they spend doing so on smart phones.

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