Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apple iPhone is Top Mobile Ad Device Platform

The Apple iPhone is the top smart phone device, where it comes to mobile advertising performance, according to a new report from Opera.
The iPhone has an average cost per thousand of $2.85. Though it is closely followed by Android devices at $2.10. 
Devices with larger screen size and touchscreen input, and those with features that allow more interaction between the advertisement and the device’s functionality (click to call, expand, play video) have better revenue potential than other devices. 
OS Share% of traffic% of revenueeCPM
— iPhone29.88%43.54%$2.85
— iPad6.86%14.26%$3.96
J2ME / Other21.27%9.86%$1.01
RIM OS6.32%1.79%$0.64
Windows Phone0.08%0.01%$0.20
The high CPM achieved by the iPad illustrates the principle that bigger screens matter. Delivering an average CPM of $3.96 across the Opera mobile ad platform. 
In 2012, Apple iOS has delivered a clear majority of rich media ad impressions compared to Android devices. Image-based content also clearly boosts engagement and dwell time. 

Dwell time & interaction rates

Monetization by site category
The United States and Canada generate the majority of ad requests, with 73 percent of the global total. U.S. CPM is also the highest ($1.98), closely followed by the EU5 ($1.94) — and both top the global average of $1.90.
Percent of impressions
Top 20 Countries by Impressions
  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom (EU5)
  4. Indonesia
  5. Japan
  6. Italy (EU5)
  7. Mexico
  8. India
  9. China
  10. Australia
  11. Netherlands
  12. Spain (EU5)
  13. Germany (EU5)
  14. France (EU5)
  15. Singapore
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. Republic of Korea
  18. Iceland
  19. Philippines
  20. Malaysia
eCPM by Region
Global Average eCPM$1.90
US eCPM$1.98
EU5 eCPM$1.94
Rest of world$1.57

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