Thursday, July 21, 2016

Verizon Enterprise Solutions Launches "Virtual Network" for Enterprises

Verizon Enterprise Solutions is launching Virtual Network Services, allowing enterprises access to what we have long called “bandwidth on demand” features. Verizon Enterprise solutions calls it a “virtual infrastructure model.”

Verizon says it will offer three models for deploying virtualized services including: premises-based universal customer premises equipment (CPE), cloud-based virtual CPE services (available fall 2016) and hybrid services where clients can mix premises-based and cloud-based deployment.

Service providers have wanted such capabilities since the 1980s, generally referring to the concept as bandwidth on demand, and generally believing it would happen first for business customers, especially enterprises preprovisioned with optical access.

These days those concepts are more likely to be known as “virtual infrastructure” or “virtual networks.”

Verizon’s initial Virtual Network Service packages are: Security, WAN Optimization, and SD WAN services, and include:
Verizon’s initial Virtual Network Service packages
Verizon’s new services can be delivered across public, private and wireless networks from Verizon or other service providers, or a combination of multiple providers across multiple networks.

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