Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What do App Developers Need to Know about Working with ISPs?

Shrinith V, consultant and Google Developer Expert
Telecom now is part of the computing industry, and that the computing industry increasingly is about apps and services, not hardware. Also, since “access” and “apps” are structurally separated, access providers are providers of dumb pipe services (that is what network neutrality is all about).

That means applications and services can be developed by anyone, and any company, without owning access pipes and facilities.

Just as clearly, that means most service providers now realize they must “move up the stack,” in some way, and own at least some of the applications delivered over their access facilities.

Not every app provider will want to partner with telcos or ISPs. There is no inherent reason why that must be done. Some app and service developers will want to partner, for their own commercial reasons.

But how does an app developer create a service that will get traction, and also be valuable to an ISP partner? How is the “go to market” strategy shaped and conditioned by the partnership strategy.

And what should developers know about working with ISPs? Those are some of the major issues to be discussed by speakers at Spectrum Futures.

Shrinath V, consultant and Google Developer Expert is among speakers at Spectrum Futures who will address the way app developers get commercial traction and “go to market.” The event will be held 19-21 October, 2016 in Singapore.

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