Friday, July 1, 2016

Messaging Morphs into a Commerce, Payments Platform

Over the last decade, we have become accustomed to the notion that carrier text messaging has other product substitutes, namely over the top messaging services.

So we have seen traditional text messaging revenues decline, while a former revenue source shrinks, and in many ways is coming a feature of mobile service, bundled with use of the network, but not necessarily a direct revenue driver.

But something else also is happening: messaging platforms are becoming the foundation for mobile payment and e-commerce services.

The obvious response, on the part of a carrier, is to investigate whether carrier text messaging can move in such directions, and change, as well. Skepticism would not be unwarranted, however, as either use of messaging as a platform for payments, mobile banking and e-commerce transactions builds heavily on other assets.

Customer base helps, but knowledge of each potential consumer’s values and behavior, social sets and existing interests, is what really drives value in such evoutions of messaging to commerce and other transaction services.

source: Mary Meeker, Internet Trends 2016


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