Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Large Enterprises Want to Compute at the Edge, Study Finds

Most large enterprises are looking to deploy Internet of Things devices (IoT) on the edge but are struggling to do so, a survey by VansonBourne, sponsored by Software AG has found.

Some 80 percent of respondents want to deploy IoT on the edge but only eight percent are actually doing that already.

What firms would like to do is process data locally. Instead of sending all the data from a wind turbine to the cloud and processing the data centrally, users want to process data and analytics locally and then send the results to the cloud.

That reduces network load, cloud processing and storage requirements while making IoT feasible in areas without reliable networks. (Get full survey results)

Many other applications with real-time and low-latency requirements likewise will benefit from processing at the edge: medical, smart cities, image recognition, speed recognition, smart house or gaming applications, for example.

According to market research firm IDC, the IT spend on edge infrastructure will reach up to 18% of the total spend on IoT infrastructure by 2020.

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