Friday, September 13, 2013

Verizon Wants to Sell FiOS TV Nationwide

Verizon is having conversations with major programmers about how to bring its FiOS programming service to a national audience, delivered "over the top" of any broadband connection. 

Aside from the obvious implications for the future of online video entertainment, such a move would further decouple service providers from some traditional geographical limitations. In the past, mobile or fixed service providers could operate only in geographies where they owned spectrum, networks or franchises or licenses. 

The advent of the era of Internet Protocol and Internet-based communications breaks the link between network infrastructure and applications. So far, that mostly has manifested itself in over the top app growth.

But, in principle, streaming video can be sold over the top as well, as Netflix has so amply demonstrated. 

Such a move "out of territory" would allow Verizon to sell video entertainment to potential customers across the United States, and not only to the five million or so video accounts
Verizon presently services on its landline network.

Going over the top and out of territory would allow Verizon to sell to perhaps 130 million households. 

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