Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Sprint Nextel Business Offer Might Combine Fixed, Mobile Access

Anybody in the mobile business can attest how expensive and how difficult it is to create differentiation around a mobile brand and offer. Speed, price and coverage tend to be the concrete tactical sources of differentiation. 

Creating value through branding always is more tricky, but Sprint might try something that is interesting, for the small business customer segment. Apparently, Sprint is considering relaunching Nextel as a small business brand, with one interesting twist.

The proposed Nextel offer would combine both fixed broadband access and mobile service, a byproduct of Sprint's ownership of the former "Clear" fixed wireless network. In essence, Sprint would create a fixed network plus mobile service bundle. 

Some might say that only matches what AT&T or Verizon might be able to offer, but perhaps that is the point. In at least some markets, Sprint might be able to compete more effectively in the small business segment with a fixed broadband plus mobile offer, partly offsetting the speed, price and coverage comparisons every potential customer knows are among the potential differences between suppliers. 

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