Verizon Acquires Content-Delivery Firm EdgeCast Networks

In one sense, the Verizon acquisition of EdgeCast Networks is a simple way of gaining revenue and customer base in complementary businesses Verizon Digital Media Services sees as important, namely content delivery, transport services and hosting services. 

Verizon Digital Media Servicesprovides quality of service protection for studios, broadcasters and retailers.

Eventually, EdgeCast also could help Verizon in other ways, as Verizon itself could be a big user of such quality assurance features. 

EdgeCast competes with other content delivery networks, such as Akamai, and some would argue CDNs are an example of how a transport services provider can add value to its transport offerings, as well as adding new "services" revenue. 

EdgeCast has 6,000 accounts, including Pinterest, Twitter and Hulu, for example.

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