Twitter More Popular than Facebook Among Users 15 to 24?

Though one might expect Twitter underwriters to make the case for investing in Twitter, JP Morgan, which was one of Twitter’s underwriters, does tout the fact that Twitter has higher rates of usage by users 15 to 24, on either desktop PCs or mobile devices.

That has implications for the viability and attractiveness of revenue streams that potentially can be generated by advertising-related or transaction-related revenue streams.

Twitter’s U.S.-based Web audience skews young, JP Morgan suggests.

Another study suggests a dip in teen use of Facebook. In the fall of 2013, a survey by financial firm Piper Jaffray found 23 percent of some 8,650 teens interviewed preferred Facebook.

In contrast, Twitter was the favored social network of some 26 percent of teens. .
Meanwhile, Instagram is presently tied with Facebook at 23 percent, but has been rising from 12 percent in Fall 2012 and 17 percent in Spring 2013.

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