CenturyLink Adds Another Gigabit Community

It can be argued that if a firm is a provider of fixed telecom network services; does not own mobile assets; has a normal mix of consumer and business accounts and does not intend to sell its assets, exiting the business, then high speed access holds the key to survival, and any hope for prosperity.

CenturyLink might now be among the best example of that strategic imperative. CenturyLink has been aggressively launching symmetrical gigabit services across its service territory, most recently adding La Crosse, Wisc. to the list of communities able to buy the service.

Since 2013, when CenturyLink lit its first gigabit network in Omaha, CenturyLink in 2014 announced neighborhoods in 16 cities would get gigabit networks.

Residential customers can purchase 1 Gbps service for a monthly recurring charge of $79.95 with a 12-month term commitment and when bundled with additional, qualifying CenturyLink services. Stand-alone prices are likely to be in the $130 a month to $150 a month range.
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