Republic Wireless Wants to Pay You for Data You Don't Use

Republic Wireless is taking a different approach to data plan capacity not used in any single billing period. “What if you could get paid back each month for whatever cell data you didn’t use?” Republic Wireless Labs now says.  “Like, in money. Actual dollars credited back to your account.”

“If you signed up and were selected for Lab 1: Maestro, then having total control over your plan and the ability to get paid back for what you don’t use is exactly what you’ll be helping us test and figure out, this May,” said Republic Wireless. “What if you had total control over your plans and could appropriately size them for what best fits your needs?”

The issue Republic Wireless is tackling is generalized unease over prices and value.

“Our members want access to LTE coverage, but only four percent were willing to pay extra for an LTE plan,” Republic Wireless said. “On average, every single smartphone user is overpaying about $16/month for service they never use.”

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