Perhaps 60% of This Information about Google Wireless is True

With the caveat that the confidence level is about 60 percent, here is what Android Police believes are features of the coming Google mobile service

The app-based service likely will use Sprint and T-Mobile US as suppliers of mobile network connectivity, but will rely on Wi-Fi whenever possible. 

Pricing might have several components, possibly "by the gigabyte" charges for data, with carryover of unused capacity, with separate multimedia text messaging charges. Presumably that is because the wholesale agreements with T-Mobile US and Sprint will require that charging scheme. 

But domestic voice and texting will be included, at no extra charge, with low international calling prices and the ability to use Google Voice ("Hangouts"), if a user already has an account. 

Multiple devices can be supported on one account, and service could be switched between devices without physically changing a subscriber information module. 

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