Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Billion People: Dozens of Ways to Connect

Over the next decade, a billion people in Asia will start using the Internet for the first time.

Nearly all of them will do so using a mobile or other untethered device, and nearly all of them live in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Spectrum Futures, a new Pacific Telecommunications Council conference to be held in Singapore from 10—11 September 2015, will examine how all that will happen, who will do it and what key obstacles must be eliminated along the way.

Now in its second year, the two-day conference includes sessions on business models, backhaul, new spectrum, new satellite constellations, regulatory policies and mobile strategies to rapidly reach the unserved.

And even if mobile operators still are favorites to connect most of the additional users, new satellite constellations, balloons, drones and Wi-Fi are new platforms that aim to have a role as well.

Regulators will, as always, have a private half-day session to share ideas about what they plan to do, would like to do, and have done, to rapidly extend Internet access.

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