Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mobile Broadband is Cheaper than Fixed Broadband in 111 Countries

The global average price of a basic fixed broadband plan (1 Gbyte) is 1.7 times higher than the average price of a comparable 1 Gbyte mobile broadband plan.

Fixed high speed access costs $52 on a purchasing power parity basis (a way of normalizing prices across countries). Mobile high speed access costs $30 on a purchasing power parity basis

That is why mobile broadband has become the typical way people get access to the Internet.

In at least 111 countries the price of a basic (fixed or mobile) broadband plan corresponds to less than five percent of average gross national income per person, the threshold of affordability used by the International Telecommunications Union.

In developing countries, average monthly fixed broadband prices (in PPP$) are three times higher than in developed countries. Mobile broadband prices are twice as expensive as in
developed countries, the ITU notes.

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